Your hosts in the Zillertal Valley bid you a warm welcome!

The Kröll family looks forward to your visit to the Dornauhof

Visit us at the Dornauhof. We are natural hosts, and look forward to helping you enjoy some pleasant, relaxing holidays in Tyrol.

We like to uphold the tradition of our Tyrolean estate, in the ownership of the Kröll family for many centuries, and we run it responsibly and with a living affinity to our country; fitting for a family with so much tradition.

We place great importance on quality, using local produce, and attention to detail, and this is evident throughout the hotel. People need to feel heartfelt friendliness and warmth if they are to feel really comfortable when on holiday.

We, together with our team of staff who have been with us for years, create a warm, friendly atmosphere, helping make your holiday in the Zillertal Valley an unforgettable experience. People love it here, as can be seen by all of the positive feedback comments from our guests

We look forward to extending a warm welcome to you in the Dornauhof.
The Kröll family.

The Kröll family – Passionate hosts

Visit the Dornauhof and meet the Kröll family. Find out more about the individual members of your host family:


The hotel manager is vice mayor of Finkenberg, runs the Dornauhof 's farm with a passion, but likes most of all to be in the hotel with his guests. As often as his other commitments allow, he enjoys having personal contact with his guests. Andreas takes care of any repair jobs and technical issues as well as office work, and make sure that everything runs smoothly.


The hotel manageress and the soul of the house, responsible for all that is fine, like for example the decoration, making the Dornauhof into what it is. Margit is also responsible for shopping, and is involved in the general running of the hotel in every area. She is always busy with everything to do with guests, whether it be dealing with staff, cleaning, or looking after the guests themselves. We also have Margit to thank for the little details, which you perhaps don't see at first glance, and these are the details that single us out.


Our oldest daughter has done a lot. She did her "Matura" at the Zillertal Tourism School, then trained as a masseuse in China and completed training in the area of "alternative therapies". At the moment, she is studying culture and social anthropology in Vienna. Summer this year took her to Uganda (Africa), where, as part of her studies, she worked in a baby orphanage. When she is at home, she supports us and is a great help with her specialist knowledge as a masseuse, which our guests very much appreciate. She is the "real thinker" in the family, and is a pole of peace.


Stefan attended the Zillertal Tourism School for 3 years, and then completed his education in Innsbruck. A short while ago, Stefan graduated in tourism and leisure, and will soon go on to follow this with a Masters course. At the moment, Stefan is a permanent member of staff here, and prefers to work behind the scenes. Reservations, marketing, and all things to do with the web are Stefan's areas. He is an active serious athlete, as well as being a qualified fitness trainer, running instructor, and bike guide, and is, amongst other things, responsible for our active programme.


Our youngest daughter, the "baby" of the family, she is also our resident perfectionist. Carolin completed her "Matura" at the Zillertal Tourism School with top results, and had the chance of getting some great experience in a variety of hotels. At the moment, she is enjoying earning her own money, is the "good fairy" in the house, and a general dogsbody. However, Carolin has her own big plans: studying law is her next goal. We'll see...

The history of the Dornauhof

The Dornauhof in Finkenberg is a hotel with tradition. Read here about the history of our 4 star hotel:

The Dornauhof has been in the hands of the Kröll family since as far back as 1675. As an estate that is passed down to the next generation, it always goes to the eldest son. The first owner Jakob Kröll, and his son Blasius, was the brother-in-law of Jakob Wexlberger, the former owner.

In 1977, the Kröll family's farm was awarded "Erbhofwürde", as recognition for a farm that has been run for many generations by the same family.

Andreas Kröll has since 1989 represented the ninth generation in the ownership of the Dornauhof, and looks back on a long family tradition.

1950 was the time when rooms were rented for the first time to guests seeking rest and recuperation in the Zillertal Valley. At the start this was predominantly in the summer months, but over the years demand grew more and more for winter holidays in Finkenberg.

After taking over the business in 1989, Andreas und Margit dismantled the bed-and-breakfast at the time, and replaced it completely with accommodation for about 35 people.

We took over our other business, the "Gasthaus zur Alten Brücke" in 1989, run as a restaurant.

In 2000, the restaurant was converted and expanded to seat 140 guests.

In 2003, the "Gesindehaus" belonging to it was converted into the "Ferienhaus Dornau" holiday home.

In 2006 the house next to it was constructed for private use.

As early as 2007, the hotel underwent large-scale conversion into a 4 star hotel. It was extended to house 70 beds, and a large spa and wellness area was added.

Andreas Kröll, the present owner, runs the hotel and its farm with his family, Margit, Kathrin, Stefan and Carolin. Now, just as before, the hotel's own farm continues to be keenly run as a sideline, and has about 30 animals.

And we still have more plans...

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